Abridge Dispatch Course


This course is designed to provide instructions in the Basic and Advanced Technical knowledge required by an aircraft dispatcher


Minimum prerequisites:

The requirements to issue Dispatch License are:

1. A Medical Fit For Duty Certificate

2. A Minimum educational level of successful completion of high school (Tawjihi) or equivalents.

3. The applicant can read, write, speak and understand English Language.

4. Complete successfully flight Abridged dispatch course.

5. A minimum age of 21 years for dispatcher license issue.

6. Credit of Previous Experience approved by CARC



Preparation Training:

At least 35 programmed hours.

a. Theoretical Training. At least 175 programmed hours.

b. Applied Practical Training.

The training shall include:

• Applied practical flight operations. At least 25 programmed hours.

• Simulator LOFT observation and synthetic flight training. At least 4 programmed hours.

• Flight dispatch practices (on job training). At least 13 weeks - 90 days

• Route familiarization. At least 1 week. Or

• Can be arranged with a Jordanian AOC Holder or scheduled foreign airlines of an ICAO Contracting State for at least 13 weeks/90 days.

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