Initial Dispatch Course


 This course is designed to provide instructions in the Basic and Advanced Technical knowledge required by an aircraft dispatcher              

Minimum prerequisites:

The requirements to issue Dispatch License are:

  1. A Medical Fit For Duty Certificate
  2. A Minimum educational level of successful completion of high school (Tawjihi) or  equivalents.
  3. The applicant can read, write, speak and understand English Language.
  4. Complete successfully flight dispatch course.
  5. A minimum age of 21 years for dispatcher license issue.


  1. Preparation Training: At least 35 programmed hours.
  2. Basic Knowledge Training. At least 290 programmed hours.
  3. Applied Practical Training. The training shall include:


  • Applied practical flight operations. At least 25 programmed hours.
  • Simulator LOFT observation and synthetic flight training. At least 4 programmed hours.
  • Flight dispatch practices (on job training). At least 13 weeks - 90 days
  • Route familiarization. At least 1 week.


  • Can be arranged with a Jordanian AOC Holder or scheduled foreign airlines of an ICAO Contracting State for at least 13 weeks/90 days.

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